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This is a XHTML 1.1/CSS template which you can use to build your own website. This template is released as open source web design, which means that you are free to use it for any purpose and in any way you may want to without any obligations or limitations. I kindly ask that you leave the credit text and link (the one that says "Design by Fernbap" in the footer) since that would be a nice way of supporting my work...

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Added an empty header image, so that you can customize it.

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This template was made to be ported to LightNEasy, hence its name. Donec ante metus, rutrum vitae, tristique nec, mattis at, magna. Curabitur enim enim, laoreet in, aliquam nec, malesuada ac, orci. Etiam vel turpis vitae orci auctor pellentesque.

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leafAlthough this template is fixed width, you have a lot of useful space. You have also many CSS classes so that you can organize your layout according to your wish.

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Username Phone Dept Homepage
Harry Smith 012-1234 5678 Accounts Department
Susan Jenkins 012-2345 6789 Marketing Whizzkids
Todd Rhodes 012-3456 7891 Manufacturing
Wendy Kline 012-4567 8912 Customer Care

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