professional free css templates

Preview Redfire2


Author: kohout
Size: 11.54 Kb

Type: Fixed width, 1 column

Nice css template with red and black colors.
Preview Template Silk

Template Silk

Author: NuvioTemplates
Size: 62.15 Kb

Type: 2 column, Fixed width

Two-column design with the excelent graphisc. Nice and bright template. Features Web 2.0 design ideal for 1024x768 resolutions.
Preview Template DarkSide

Template DarkSide

Author: NuvioTemplates
Size: 41.36 Kb

Type: 2 column, Fixed width

Excelent template. Dark and nice style.
Preview Template Wild City

Template Wild City

Author: Outsider
Size: 134.96 Kb

Type: 2 column, 1 column

Cool template! Author about template:" The polar opposite of my Dream City template. This template is about movements, action, and a kick-ass attitudes. Check out the bottom if you're wondering where all your lists go. "
Preview Free Template Pastries

Free Template Pastries

Author: freecsstemplates
Size: 37.96 Kb

Type: 2 column, Fixed width

It has fixed-width and two-column design with dark color scheme.
Preview Free Template Modern

Free Template Modern

Author: freecsstemplates
Size: 22.06 Kb

Type: 2 column, Fixed width

A fixed-width and two-column design. Good for personal blog or small business.
Preview Template Simple Life v2

Template Simple Life v2

Author: SeanPollock
Size: 277.94 Kb

Type: Fixed width, 1 column

Free and light website template from Sean Pollock.
Preview Template Grunge Superstar

Template Grunge Superstar

Author: Arcsin
Size: 89.06 Kb

Type: Fixed width, 1 column

A dirty, monochrome single-column website free template. Also Available as Wordpress theme at site http://templates.arcsin.se/.
Preview LigntNEasy


Author: fernbap
Size: 81.09 Kb

Type: 2 column, Fixed width

This template was made to be ported to LightNEasy, hence its name. Although this template is fixed width, you have a lot of useful space. You have also many CSS classes so that you can organize your layout according to your wish.
Preview Pinky


Author: Reality Software
Size: 83.02 Kb

Type: 2 column, Fixed width

Nice but professional looking template for website. Oriented for musical sites. Best resolution 1024x768 or higher.